Monday, July 19, 2010

I am freaking lazy

But I finally did something.

I know I tend to call out my own mistakes often when I probably would be better off not doing so, and I have been trying to hold back lately, but I laughed at my own mistake this time. I accidentally made her hand look a little big, and I couldnt figure out why, until I realized (after fixing and nearly finishing it) that I got lost in the original drawing while doing my whole digital thing over it, that I gave her an extra finger. So instead of really trying to redraw the hand on illustrator, I just fixed it the best I could. It doesnt look THAT bad... But meh. I laughed.

Either way, I am a lazy bum who hasnt drawn much over the entire summer except a few pokemon, and, well, thats about it. This was something I planned to do months ago. I'm glad I finally bust up enough motivation to work.

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