Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Attempting something?

Trying something out.  Yes?

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Whats this? An update?

I teach now, by the way.  High School Design Concepts.  Digital art work.  Caught up?  Cool.

Working with my students.  Made a portrait assignment for them.  As I gave it to them I picked a picture of a celebrity and started doing it at the same time as them to give them an idea of how I go about things.  Here is a VERY ROUGH step by step of what I did (through layers).  Some of it is out of order from how I actually worked, but still.  

I am also putting this up for a point of reference for my students if they need to come back to this for reference.

Step one, pick a picture.  Then do the base colors of the picture.  Middle tone.  No Highlights, No shadows.  (at least no major ones).

 Add eyes and mouth details.  Sometimes nose details.

Here is the finished variation, with the last few details I did not show in the step by step for the hair or ears.

Yay!  See you in six months or two years or whatever.