Saturday, May 22, 2010

so much jazz goin on

I have literally spent nearly every day of my summer so far at a local high school with Al Hong, working on a mural. I will post pictures of the mural soon, we have gotten a LOT done in the past few weeks but we still need the extra bit to go. In the past 2 days while the students worked on the mural me and Al were given a small project to work on a pillow case face for the high schools "friday night live" show. I really don't know much about it aside from the fact its a show like saturday night live except for the school.

So we were given this pillow case to paint a face on, and the only rules we were given was that it had to be "tasteful," and it had to be a face. The lady showed us an example of a happy clown face. We decided to make it into Andy Warhol.

Al is a great painter, though he does tend to focus more on design work than anything else. He did a great job on the face. I will say Al did the majority of the work on this thing. I worked mostly on the hair. It turned out great. We left it for the lady. I wonder if she liked it?

On a side note, I feel like I have been so far behind this summer. I get out of the semester and into the summer with a LOT of motivation, but it always dwindles away quick. This year I was looking to learn the piano, play more on my bass, write and illustrate a childrens book, get a job, do community art, learn a second language, and so much more. However, I have really done none of that... well I did play a lot of piano.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Lazy timeee!

I am kind of dead tired now. I was coming out with 3 images a week for a bit of time there. I just kept moving. However, now that the semester is over, I am just in this mode where all I want to do is sit around, play Pokemon, and eat. At the same time, I feel super freaking bored.

Maybe it just hasn't sunken in yet. That is, that the semester is over. I have had so much to keep track of for the past semester that I am still constantly feeling busy. Portfolio reviews passed by so quick. Now, me and Al Hong are doing a mural at Fraser High School with a bunch of their NAHS students, and that has kept me fairly busy for the past week. However, now it is Saturday, and since their is no school, I have the day off, and I feel weird.

Oh well. I did do some art this morning. I plan on having it done tonight or tomorrow. I will post it up when I can.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

CCS graduating students

Last night was the CCS kegger. I spent 5 years in college total, but 4 here at CCS, and I feel as if I still missed out. Why is that? Well, actually I know why.

I just saw all the people I shared classes with for the past 4 years for most likely the last time last night. Sure, it was fun, and it was great and all, but it really didn't feel like I felt in. I have seen these people almost every day (or every other day) for so long, yet I never got to know the majority of them, and, lets face it, our senior class is pretty small. I stuck to the same 8 people I hung out with through the entire 4 years, and I never really put myself out there to get to know everyone else. I feel that, as a commuting student, I missed out on really having a "CCS family."

I have yet another year to go. As unfortunate as it is that I am stuck in college for another whole year and not graduate with my fellow seniors due to my double major, I am going to take this as a blessing and really get to know everyone I can at CCS next time around. I missed out on getting to know a lot of great people, and what could have been good friendships will basically always feel like acquaintances.

SO, I am just going to say CONGRATULATIONS to all of those graduating next week. Sorry I never got to know any of you, as I most definitely regret it. But I really appreciate all of you, and am glad to have spent the past 4 years going through CCS with you all. It really was a blast.