Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Art Education Map

Obviously, you can see where the banner came from. I made this for the goal to do a "Map," as that was the assignment for our Art Ed class. Our teacher told us to go as out of the norm as possible, so I went with a more thought process map. I have to admit I am not too proud of the top part, as it mainly was just me frantically trying to figure out how to finish it. But the bottom half is actually more fun, and I think I like it as it is for a piece.

Friday, March 26, 2010


Above is my most recent project from our senior studio class. Our project was to create a comic that only had to feature a red bandanna. This bandanna had to somehow enter and exit a story with in three pages. We would then find a way to string together our stories into one giant comic book, featuring about 12 different artists (our senior studio class). It was quite awkward, running with some students who made stories about cowboys, and others with communist bears, to a few of us doing a story about spaceships and robots. Either way, we strung it on quite nicely and it became a pretty sweet finished project with plenty of amazing sequential pieces.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Banner and sketch

I just added a banner. I tried figuring out how to keep it from being too fuzzy, but I think its pretty clear (at least it is on my screen.) Also, I felt like it would be interesting to see the sketch I did for the portrait of Kobylarek.

Here it is!

Senior portraits

So here It is, it is my first real art post for my blog. I hope to add plenty of art work on here, at least weekly, so this is what I intend to be the first of many posts.

Anyways, this here is Matthew Kobylarek. Our senior class is making a year book, and we all had the option of either making our own self portrait, or making the portrait of another. This is the portrait from me to Matt.

Its done completely in Adobe Illustrator, mostly done in my currently favorite style that I have been using, consisting mostly of dots.

The second image is actually a portrait of me, done by Matt. He has become accustomed to drawing me as a puppet, and when I asked him to do a portrait of me for our senior book with the puppet style, he took it upon himself to make it photo realistic. Its absolutely amazing.


Well this is my first post ever. I hope to keep up on this, as I tend to get lazy really fast when it comes to keeping up online.