Monday, October 25, 2010

Independent Study

You know whos a lazy bum? It is most DEFINITELY ME. I mean, seriously, not keepin up with my blog? What a jerk.

No seriously though, I made a deal with miss Amanda Reyes that I would try to post on my blog with something new that I have drawn or worked on AT LEAST one time a week. What is REALLY bad, is I made that deal 3 WEEKS AGO. But, then mid terms got in the way and beat the crap out of me.

ANYWAYS! Excuses aside, because I am full of them... I have been working on independent study a lot with mister Ben Cloutier. We are making trading cards focusing on comical super heroes we come up with. Here is a couple images of short drawings/designs I came up with for a super villain named Daddy Long Legs.

Its really just a bunch of small designs I played around with today. I am kind of having fun with him. The last image is if he was a "priest," as if he was the preacher figure for a Daddy Long Legs Cult, and he would be called "Father Long Legs." I also used a Pimp (pimp daddy) as for stereotypical irony to the name, as well as an actual father looking figure. I really don't know which one I like best.

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