Thursday, January 6, 2011


Now that I am student teaching I am motivated to do some work. Really. I did 3 things this week, and I didn't even have to. Okay. 2 things. But the third one is being worked on right now and I seem to have a little trouble with it.

I don't know what it is but I am inspired to draw pokemon. As shown on my previous posts I have done Oddish and Wooper. Here is a list of a few more I think I may do....

Bolded = pokemon I really like
Italicized = Drawings I am working on.

Ampharos (Currently being worked on)
Cubone (sketch done)
Charamander (sketch done)
Weezing (thumbnailed partially)
Pikachu (its a must... but I have a bad ass idea for it.)
Breloom (thumbnailed partially)

Just to name a few. Whether or not I do all of them... who knows. As you can see, and if you have ANY pokemon knowledge most of my favorite pokemon consist of poison types. Thats right. I freaking love the poison type.

This post is overall a reminder to myself. A list to remind me of things I could/should draw while I go through this semester. Hopefully student teaching won't eat ALL my time away. I want to work on some of these things...

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