Thursday, January 13, 2011


I had some issues with the pose. The proportions and perspective was giving me all sorts of problems. I still am not as happy as I would like to be with it, but I figured, its stylized and I wanted to make it look stylized. So I have to stop worrying about it.

I like this pokemon. One of my favorite electric types, right next to Lanturn. I tend to love most of the gen2 pokemon, maybe even more than I enjoy gen1... (I still love red and blue, dont get me wrong).


  1. feet are kind of weird, but I LOVE HIM! He's one of my fave electric. Him, Raichu and Luxray love love love. I'm glad someone else agrees about second gen and how awesome it was.

  2. Yeah the feet bug me and the head does too. I have been playing with it a bit and I think I just need time away from him and a little input. Ill have to work on those a bit.

    And yeah, I love Raichu (for such an awesome design) and Luxray (for just being cool) a lot too.

    Too many people love the Gen1 pokemon just because its the original, and dont get me wrong, its great. But second gen will always be first in my heart.