Saturday, May 8, 2010

Lazy timeee!

I am kind of dead tired now. I was coming out with 3 images a week for a bit of time there. I just kept moving. However, now that the semester is over, I am just in this mode where all I want to do is sit around, play Pokemon, and eat. At the same time, I feel super freaking bored.

Maybe it just hasn't sunken in yet. That is, that the semester is over. I have had so much to keep track of for the past semester that I am still constantly feeling busy. Portfolio reviews passed by so quick. Now, me and Al Hong are doing a mural at Fraser High School with a bunch of their NAHS students, and that has kept me fairly busy for the past week. However, now it is Saturday, and since their is no school, I have the day off, and I feel weird.

Oh well. I did do some art this morning. I plan on having it done tonight or tomorrow. I will post it up when I can.

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