Tuesday, December 14, 2010


So here is my new favorite piece. It's a style I kind of play with every now and again, using ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR to PAINT. Yes. This entire image is done using Illustrator and the PENCIL TOOL. I feel it has a lot of charm and is really fun to work with.

The only thing that is NOT Illustrator is the texture, which, I COULD do in Illustrator, however, the way I placed it was better off done in Photoshop.

ANYWAYS. His name is DYNOMITE. He is a villain for the card set of heroes that me and Ben Cloutier are working on together. The semester is pretty much done and now we are talking about perhaps making it into a comic next semester (although I will not have much time, seeing as I will be teaching).

I don't know how the idea hit me. But it did, and I really wanted to play with it. I mean, a crazy guy obsessed with dinosaurs and explosives? YES PLEASE. I WANTED to give him a bomb vest but figured it had this interesting charm to him just being a scrub with a make shift ski mask and dino costume with a few explosives. Maybe I will give him one later in another image.

I got a lot of inspiration looking at various dinosaur costumes, especially in the mask. But I think where I got the MOST inspiration from came from pokemon. Yes. There is a character sprite in pokemon who kind of sparked this costume idea.

Anyways, this has got to be my favorite piece this semester.

I must say though. I am mostly a low confidence guy (at least I believe so). However, when it comes to Adobe Illustrator, I must say, I know my shit. This is the one thing I know I have GREAT skill in, and I have been awesome at it for near 6 years now. Its just nice once in awhile to have something you know you rock at exponentially.

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