Thursday, March 25, 2010

Senior portraits

So here It is, it is my first real art post for my blog. I hope to add plenty of art work on here, at least weekly, so this is what I intend to be the first of many posts.

Anyways, this here is Matthew Kobylarek. Our senior class is making a year book, and we all had the option of either making our own self portrait, or making the portrait of another. This is the portrait from me to Matt.

Its done completely in Adobe Illustrator, mostly done in my currently favorite style that I have been using, consisting mostly of dots.

The second image is actually a portrait of me, done by Matt. He has become accustomed to drawing me as a puppet, and when I asked him to do a portrait of me for our senior book with the puppet style, he took it upon himself to make it photo realistic. Its absolutely amazing.

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